The Hammer, Revision 3

Sometimes I like to imagine that a dwarven blacksmith chanced upon me in my infancy
And saw how the best in me would only bleed out
As I clambered through the damaging brambles of early life-
Saw how my path would mangle me.

With a Stoic compassion,
He took all that I was already set to lose- joy, pride, self-worth,
Sparing only enough of each so that I could know the face
If I ever found it again.
These, molten, and the tenacity of new life
Met their first crucible, his.

Some shavings from his chisel he rasped into the mix,
Grunted then threw it in whole,
Transmuting the molten intangibles to plain steel;
From which pool, in his wisdom,
He forged a boy a hammer

“Your Will to Life, forged and formed, ever to temper with use.
Not by one blow to prevail,
Strike with a relentless heart till you do.
Persist, boy.

For your road is bad and you had no chance;
Now you have one’s lesser half.
With your wits and this,
Learn your Hell and fight your way out.

For your trials,
For your failures,
For the walls you’ll seek and find.

For your demons.
For your enemies!
And for your shitty odds.”

Time and Goals

A while back, the idea of time and lives and urgency was rolling around in my head and I wondered: what could people accomplish if they didn’t care when? Admittedly, much of what we do get done at all, we get done because of the pressure of time, especially in the form of that most terminal deadline, death.

But what’s that really worth? How good are the things we build? By and large, how durable or stable are our institutions? The majority of the organizations we build fail within our lifetimes. Only a minority of them outlive us, and that herd thins quickly. Of the ones that have managed to live a few hundred years, How healthy are they?

So what if, and I know this is fantasy, a person or group set a goal that didn’t have to be attained in their lifetime or by any time at all?

We Are All Afraid

We’re fed fear every day by those who would sell our attention, sell our buying power, sell our votes.

How long will we live like this? How many times will we fall for the same single trick?

If people were to become less vulnerable to their emotions and more able to cope with them, to process information and make decisions maturely, it would not be so easy to lead them with their fear and anger.

Who is in control of you? Is it you, or is it the people who know what you’re afraid of?